Peter Link and Vegetable Soup

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The Long And Short Of It

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Last Night

Last night, for me, was a night to remember. Friends of a lifetime gathered together in New York City’s Pearl Studios to give a little listen to my newly released album, Remnants.…

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The Making Of An Album

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This Is All I Ask

This post, written nine years ago, is being published again because of its relevance to my new forthcoming album, Remnants and its closing song, This Is All I Ask.

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Remnants – Part 12

As a young man in my 20s and 30s I wrote hundreds of songs. I did my proverbial 10,000 hours over the course of those 20 years and have some good work (gold) to show for it and…

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Remnants – Part 11

Living on the East Coast has its problems. Things are old here—the roads are old, the houses old, the facilities, like power systems, phone systems (telephone poles?), and…

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