Julia Wade And Friends – Part 8: My Friend Gabriel

Angels probably come in all shapes and sizes – with or without wings, fat ones, skinny ones, old ones, young ones, male/female, golden ones and invisible. Probably the most well-known angel is the one who plays a trumpet. In this particular flight of the imagination, I decided to have the story told by a really pretty one who maybe even had a bit of a crush on the most famous one. And why not?

Who better to sing it than our friend, Rebecca Minor? Personally, I can’t think of a better choice. Here is a lady who has a voice like a trumpet (when she wants it to be) clean, pure, golden and cuts through the air like a knife. Just wait’ll ya’ hear her sing this song! I think you’re in for a treat.

Gabriel even came into the studio this past week and laid down some golden tones an’ hot licks with his horn. An’ I was right! My oh my, that Gabriel can play!

My Friend Gabriel

Music and Lyrics by Peter Link
Featured on Julia Wade and Friends: A Christmas Album

My friend Gabriel
As long as I have known him
Could play that trumpet
Oh yes, he could play

I would hear him in the night
Oh Lord he could play that horn

I would hear him in the day light
Pouring out those brilliant notes
And sounding forth the music of God

Oh my
Oh yes
That Gabriel
He could play

My friend Gabriel
Was also quite the angel
Besides that trumpet
Oh yes, he could speak

He was always God’s first call
That Gabriel
To bring the word of God unto the world

And whenever God had something
Something mighty big to say
My friend Gabriel was the messenger of God

Why I remember, way back when,
His immortal words,
As he changed the face of the world

He said, “I am Gabriel
And I stand in the presence of God;

Oh fear not, Mary: for thou hast found God’s favor
And, behold, thou shall conceive,
And bring forth a son,
(Oh yeah
I wish I could play my horn)
And you shall call his name JESUS.”

“And of his kingdom there shall be no end.”

It was Gabriel spoke these words
That live on today
Yes the night I remember most
Was the night I heard him play
On the night the child was born
And I got so excited
They had to carry me away

I remember that night
Oh my that Gabriel he could play
Yes the night I remember most
Was the night I heard him play
The night the child was born

Doncha know that angel could play that horn
Oh my that Gabriel could play

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