A monumental time is upon us — a time of deep prayer and a time to practice our deepest understanding. A balancing was clearly needed in our world and is now in process. In my own experience, we are experiencing oft times the best of people, more sensitive to each other, less polarized, more giving (except for the hoarders). Julia and I, and close family, are well and are practicing positivity moment to moment, replacing fear with respect and knowing that God is our life. Period!

I am not afraid.

Fear tries to come up, but I stand in its way and see through it to a higher consciousness. A higher consciousness is what these times are calling for. Can we, as mankind, step up to this? Forget “can we”, we must. We are being called to do so.

Obviously, the world has let consciousness slip and we seem to be paying for it, so people like you and me, must right the balance and stand tall for mankind. It is the Truth that shall make us free! Oft times in the past that sentence might have been viewed as a cliche, but it is a mighty prophet at this moment.

Our world, our country, was slowly slipping away from the concept of Truth. Now we must step up and take control of thought and honor the Truth of Being — Moment to Moment. The Truth is that we are consciousness. If we are conscious of fear, then we are fear. If we are conscious of health, health of thought, then we are free. That is the Truth.

Stay positive – at all costs.

Stand mighty before fear and replace it with faith, better yet, with the understanding that if our thought is pure, then WE are pure because we are consciousness.

We know that our mortal body only reflects our consciousness, so to stay healthy, maintain a healthy consciousness. How do we maintain? Moment to moment, moment to moment.