False Evidence Appearing Real

It’s spring – a time for rebirth. A renewal of thought.

I’m working constantly with this idea: This so-called pandemic is entirely mental. It is evil (not a thing, but a concept) masquerading as fear. We know that fear is nothing but False Evidence Appearing Real (also simply a mental idea). OK, so far there is nothing physical in this concept. The pandemic is nothing but mental fear. Now, the solution to the fear is also mental! It too, is not physical. The solution is mental! We must negate the fear. We must also separate the fear from the concept of respect. We respect things like practicality, so we observe the closing of schools, being careful where we travel, staying healthy in our thought, staying home, etc.. Doing these things without fear, but with respect.

Then, we must work minute to minute with consecration to see and experience whatever fear we might have and eradicate it and replace it with positive and complete trust and faith in Love and the power of GOD (whatever our personal understanding of God is). Ultimately its root, goodness — the power of good. Let us all now live good, enjoy, love, be positive! Eradicate the fear from our lives — Stand porter with consecration at the door of our thought every moment of our lives going forward from this moment on. Then we shall survive and live our lives as loving, fearless beings! ?